Treating Industrial Deafness

If you believe that you may be suffering from industrial deafness it is recommended that you consult with a qualified medical practitioner as soon as possible for a consultation. Depending on their assessment you will likely be referred to a specialist for further tests and treatment which may include the likes of sound therapy or the use of a hearing aid.

Unfortunately, hearing loss is an extremely difficult condition to treat. It is thought that hearing damage that is caused by a sudden extreme noise or the gradual degradation of hearing caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise is irreversible, so there is a very high emphasis on industrial deafness prevention. It is important to spot hearing loss symptoms early before they potentially become any worse so that if it is determined that the workplace environment is to blame for the problem, measures can be taken to reduce noise exposure which should help to reduce the chance of any further hearing loss.

Similarly, there is no known cure for tinnitus. There are methods that can help sufferers to cope with long term tinnitus such as de-tinnitising amplifiers which basically produce external sounds of the same frequency to the high pitched tinnitus with the aim of fooling the ear into processing the more relaxing external sound created by the amplifier than the often high pitched ringing that is common with tinnitus. The human brain should favour information carrying sounds rather than the sound created by tinnitus thus helping to make the tinnitus noise redundant. Also sufferers could attend sound therapy classes which can help to retrain how the ear processes sounds over time.

If you are suffering from a hearing problem there are a number of excellent organisations that will be able to offer support which we have listed in the “support organisations” section of the site.